First of all, I thank you for finding time to visit my website. Talking about me, I was born in one of the famous cities in Indian History called Panipat which is now quite well known for its Handloom and Textile products.
Born to a middle-class family I had witnessed and experienced numerous social problems in my vicinity. Being a bread earner with a 9 to 5 job, and numerous family responsibilities I kept ignoring these problems for a long time but the urge to bring a positive change was always alive. I have always paid indefinite respect to the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters and army personnel for this country. Their work encouraged me to follow their footsteps and spread the love for our country to each and every citizen.
Being a youth of this country, I believe it is my responsibility to use my education, experience, and efforts to raise awareness among people to make our country the best place to live in the world. I began by educating my family and friends and later started delivering motivational and educational speeches to masses.
With my utter love for my beautiful city Panipat, I started a campaign named 'Humara Sheher Humari Shaan, I love Panipat' with the objective of educating people about the problems and spreading awareness on how to deal with such problems. I have managed to find the support of few fellow residents of my city and with this small team of people and limited resources, we are conducting our research and creating motivational and educational videos to spread the message.
I believe in you and I want you to believe in yourself too. I want to spread the message 'Be ready for everything' to every person especially our youth so that they start trusting the power that lies within them and become enough strong to deal with every possible challenge in life. I believe in and abide by the fact that everyone should believe in the power that lies within them and be strong enough to deal with any challenge in life rather than switching to crime or drugs.
I urge you to be the change and bring that change that is required to make this world a beautiful place to live. Please provide your support to our team and efforts by sharing our good work and spreading our message across as many people as possible.
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I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.








Keep our city clean is not really a choice, it is a duty. Keeping our environment clean goes a great way in keeping our family healthy.


To inspire, train, mentor and enable, individuals and organizations to dream big, and achieve the next level of desired success.


• Do what is best for the client without compromising with own ethics & rights.
• Every suggestion we give, and every decision we take, will focus on client’s success.

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